Numbers. The Fall Version

7- the number of Fridays left until Christmas. (Sorry. That one was shocking. I should have started with something calmer). 

1500- ALMOST the square footage of my new house. 

7- the number of people living in that little space. 
55+- the number of times I look out my window and smile because I live in this house with this view. 

8- the tree count in our backyard
5- the number of times I have watched You’ve Got Mail in the past month. 
28- the number of 5th graders I teach everyday. 
5- the number of afternoons I leave with a huge grin from my job. My heart is full even on the toughest days. 
38- the number of birthdays I have celebrated in my lifetime. 

20- the number of red and white roses my husband secretly delivered to my home while we both were at work. 
Too many- the number of times I underestimate that man. 
60- the number of boxes we have unpacked in the last week. 

3- the number of furniture pieces we still have to sell because they don’t fit in our new house. 
One Bajillion- the number of candies we collected last Friday. 
6- the number of costumes I created or coordinated to lend to one of the best Halloweens to date. 
1- the number of times I have seen The Box Trolls. 
2- the number of times I want to see the Box Trolls again before we buy it on DVD and make it one of our annual October movies. 
11- the number of boxes we have left to unpack. 
11- the number of times I’ve thought to myself “do I really need whatever is in this box? Can’t I just chuck it?”

Look around you people. The best two months of the world are about to happen. Come enjoy them at my house. My coffee and my couch are always ready. Especially if you live far away and want to have a jumbo party sleepover. 
Yah. You heard me. Jumbo party.