2 The number of m’s on Taco Bell’s “Coming Soon” sign. Sigh. It’s as if they hate me.

3 The number of Gilmore Girls episodes I watched in bed yesterday

1 the number of papers I wrote this week (all in all not many)

2 the number of newsletters I am supposed to write and publish this week

10 the number of random things that keep bouncing through my brain at 6:30 am because I keep forgetting to do them

2 the number of needles my sewing machine ate as if to say “in your face loser.”

10 the number of cold piggies attached to the end of my feet

61 the number of degrees my city will be tomorrow 🙂 I am excited.

10 the number of days until my man and I fly out to Seattle

5 the number of kids we will be leaving behind for said trip

11 the approximate number of minutes The Man has been on hold with Southwest Airlines to change his return flight

5 the number of kisses I received (along with hugs)after having a much needed mommy break

2 the number of days a week I am tutoring a middle schooler

62 the number of times Erin Harrison and I had to lift boxes of IKEA furniture to get them delivered securely to Ellen Egan’s condo. Please keep in mind there were only four boxes. There were also 2 elevators and about a gazillion floors between her car and her front door. Also a ramp, or as I like to call it, my nemesis.