Sometimes you can be going about in your usual way. You can be reading. Dozing on the couch. Driving down the road. You can be walking through Trader Joes wishing their samples weren’t always so bizarre. And God will drop a nugget the size of a water droplet in your heart. In your brain. 

I was doing something mundane a while back. So mundane I can’t even recall what it was. And I began to think about my role as a teacher and the almost absurd amount of favor God has granted me in my very first year of working for the public school system. My thoughts were a jumble of clips: isn’t it cool that I get to teach these kids? Man. I see the fruit. God you are so faithful to show up. How cool to watch these lives transform before my eyes. Wouldn’t it be cool if I could reach them spiritually? But aren’t I? I mean do I have to say “this love is from Jesus” for them to understand that it is? Isn’t that what the Holy Spirit is all about!?

And then came the nugget. In one breathe I thought how cool that God called me to this job. What a crazy turn of events. How unreal that he worked all that out so I could go get that job. 

And in the next breathe. In the flash of a synapse. You haven’t been called. I’ve sent you. I’ve sent you out. 

Is it me or did this situation just get weightier?? I’ve always given God credit for this job, but I have viewed myself trudging down a path before me. I see the path. I choose the path. I walk along the path, and presto. I find a job God has for me. But there’s more to it. 
What I’m trying to say is that I’ve not just taken a job. I’ve been sent out. I keep company with the disciples of the new testimant. We are like a club. I’ve been prayed for. Called. Trained. And now I’ve been sent. 
Every step. Ordained. No part cavalier. No part without purpose. 
Where will you send me, lord? Make me brazen like David. Make me audacious like Esther. Call me out where only your grace can direct my steps. Send me, Lord. I am ready.