Nonsense- It’s why you are here

So why don’t I just lay it all out there:

A) I want Stephanie Meyer to finish writing Midnight Sun. I don’t care if she publishes it; just send me my own copy. I don’t need a cover. I need more than 12 chapters of life from Edward’s point of view, that’s what I need.

2) My kid and I are taking another kid and another lady to a Women of Faith for teens conference in Roseville this weekend. I am so excited I may forget to do anything else. We leave Friday. We get to go to the movies, too. We are watching The Host- a Stephanie Meyer production.

3) I like salad. I don’t know why I don’t eat it more.

D) I am procrastinating taking a shower. It’s not that I don’t want to spend time with you. It’s just that I have not combed my hairs in two weeks. I have washed it, but I just towel dried. This makes sense with my hairs. Not yours probably, but with my sweet fro, I don’t need to comb it all the time. I would never comb it if I could get away with it, but the longer I wait, the more helmet shaped it becomes. Just trust me on this. It’s science.

6) My heart hurts when little kids don’t have food.

F) My heart stutters a little when I see a bald little brown boy. It’s not something I am doing. It’s something my heart is doing. Dear Lord and Mike Brewer, I really think I need a tan kid with the ability to grow a sweet fro. Send a boy and a girl; I don’t mind. But make them mocha, and make them love me. The end. Oh, and make them potty trained.

and 11) I miss you people. I miss being here more. I miss your comments and your sassy remarks. I miss sitting on my computer scrolling all your blogs with my coffee in hand. Spring break is coming. At one point we will be down to two children. Call me crazy, but it’s as if the clouds are parting to allow me to catch up. My heart feels happier already.

 NOTE: the author and finisher of this nonsense recognizes that these pictures have little to do with the topics at hand (or not because they are nonsense) and more to do with who she was thinking of at the time of this publication. If this disturbs you, follow her. See that button? push it. Push it real good.