Many things are new in this land. I don’t mean your land. I mean our land. “This land” is what Sam calls any happenings that affect him.

New job.

New church because of new job.

New family dynamic.

New shoes. Well I hope so.

New hours.

New relationships.


It’s all new. It will take me a bit to pull myself up from my Bootstrap’s bootstraps, but with new comes hope. I like hope. It could have been my middle name. I might decide it’s my code name and wear a super girl shirt with an H in the center. I could rock it. Lets just agree and move on.

My official title is Children’s Ministry and Preschool Director at Hillside Foursquare Church. Because of the nature of the job, we will be switching churches to be in that community.

We started back today. It ruled. They had pastries and coffee during the service and nachos after. Come eat. Come drink. Come nacho.

Our dynamic changes because my kids currently attend the private school I work at. But that discount doesn’t extend to no employees, and that’s ok. For the past six months I have had the desire to homeschool again. So, we are going to. DID YOU HEAR ME FRIENDS!! I get to homeschool my babies. Who aren’t actually babies at all, but they are mine. And being their mom is the best job a girl can have after being The Man’s wife. Best. Just the best.
So I registered the four youngest in K12- an online public school. We dominated that program about two years ago like O’Doyle rules the woods. Izzy will stay in her program in the IB school she is at and represent the Brewers from there.
I’ll devote three-four hours a day to my kids’ education instead of the current nine. Nine hours on school is silly. I am all done with that.
New shoes? I see a Goodwill trip in my future.
New hours. I am required to be on campus for 25 hours each week. What I do with that time is up to me a long as I am getting my work done and our teachers feel valued and are learning still. That’s my job. To give them opportunities to grow.
Instead of the schedule I keep now, 44 hours per week, I will cut that nearly in half
Dear Lord, you are so good to me. Thank you for my family and my church and the chance to serve them. Help me not to screw it up. Amen.

Oh. And this picture? This is my daughter hugging redemption. God is amazing. Tell your friends.