Sometimes you hear horror stories about neighbors. We certainly have our fair share of weirdos on our street, the least of which is one neighbor with an uncanny resemblance to Kirk from Gilmore Girls. But, this week, I was reminded why neighbors can be awesome. The following conversation took place between me and the 9 year-old-oh-so-innocent boy next door. I love him, and I will cry if we have to move away from him.

Me: Hey, Dillan, come on in. Eli is almost done with his school work. You can go upstairs to his room and play, or you can work on any homework you have here at the table.
Dillan: I finished my homework last night. I think I will head up to Eli’s room and practice my recorder.
(SIDE NOTE: yes, Dillan uses phrases like “head up to.”)
Me: OK
Three minutes pass and Dillan is again downstairs.
Dillan: Uh, Ms. Shontell? I can’t practice my recorder because my A hole is clogged.
Me: (splutter, choke, gagging back laughter)