My 11 Year-Old’s Drug Knowledge.

I’m at my dinner table this morning praying over the hectic schedule that is my life. But I’m choosing not to stress about it. I’ve asked God to take what has no business being on my plate. I remember once asking for a bigger plate, and he promptly reminded me not to be insane. 

So this morning, with my average sized plate and my meal components partially plunging over the edges, I am choosing to reminisce over our past few family dinners. Aka my favorite part of any day. 
My favorite recently went something like this. 
Layla (14- 10th grade): our school newspaper had an article about the popular drugs kids are taking. 
(Let me interrupt and say it probably wasn’t trying to get everyone on the same page, or give ideas, but I’m not totally sure how this information is helpful). 
Layla: it had a list of all these different drugs. 
Addison(11- 6th grade): and the kids were having a skittle party? 
Layla: what? What the heck…?

Addison: a skittles party. Where kids take their parents’ medicine and empty it into a bowl and everyone shares their drugs. 
There have never been more crickets in my house than at this moment. 
Once the shock passed and Layla stopped choking on her laughter and bacon, we calmly asked Addison why she has this knowledge. 
What. The. Heck. Why does our baby squirrel know what a skittles party is? If it’s public knowledge, wouldn’t our high school child know what that is?? 

WEE know what it is as adults, especially as a teacher. But seriously? Well played school district SHARE program. You’re really helping our elementary kids be successful. You couldn’t think of anything more relevant than this?
Seriously. Family dinner is not for the weak at heart, but do it. You HAVE to do it. I don’t normally boss you, friends, but this time it’s too important. 
You need a place to teach everything and hear everything about the everyday life. Manners. Communication. Debriefing. Laughing. Jokes. And apparently skittle parties. Stuff like this doesn’t come up in many other conversation situations. 
It doesn’t have to be dinner. Choose any meal. At least three times a week. Make it happen. Your whole life will change. Your family dynamic will flip. Your heart will be filled. And if in the beginning everything seems to be getting in the way,or it seems to be going horribly, know you are on the right track. The enemy wouldn’t try so hard to if it wasn’t going to make a difference in the heart. 
“Care for the flock God has entrusted to you.” 1 Peter 5:2