Mother’s Day is the Best

Especially when you are me and the wife of The Man and the mom of five pretty awesome short people. It started with presents. Really Really great presents: I got a new ring and some seriously fantastic earrings that I never plan on removing.
Then, we loaded up and took The Man to the airport (not my highlight by any means). Then it was bookstore time. See, here’s the thing. The thing is. Let me explain something. I packed up Pastor’s books to return to him, and I clearly labeled the box Louie (Not Louise, but The Man didn’t notice that. So, he donated them to Goodwill with the other boxes marked Goodwill. Because I wasn’t able to buy back ALL of the donated books belonging to Pastor, we stopped by Borders to see if they had that last one. They didn’t. Instead they had clearance books out front for buy one get one free. Six books for $15. Awesome.
Next we headed to the mall to get my ring sized and took a turn in the food court and the Disney store where the kids each scored a little something from the clearance department. I got a keychain of Minnie Mouse in reading glasses that reads “Nerds Rule.”

I also picked up the movie Tangled which makes me giggle and ensures a cozy night with my kids: my favorite sort of night. After lunch we headed to Yogurt Beach to meet up with my two big brothers and their wives and kiddos. We are quite a crowd: 14 of us altogether as we are sans The Man and my mother, who is in Omaha with my grandmother.
After that, we headed home where the girls created a homemade foot scrub and gave me a pedicure. Now, we are watching Tangled, and I am giggling- also, we are snuggling. On another, less happy note, the children have agreed that I look like the mother from Tangled. You know, the fake evil mother? Great.