Meloncholy- My Man Got Laid Off Today. Big Sigh.

So many times when you go through tough times you hear people say really great encouraging words. You may even think them yourself. You may do a good job at keeping perspective. You may have great faith and confidence in what God has for you. And still, you can feel melancholy through it all.

It’s good to remember that having strong faith in God’s plans for you doesn’t mean you have to be an annoying cheer leader or super bubbly all of the time. You don’t have to have an incessant fake smile on your face.

You can be sad. You can grieve for what you have lost. You can need some time to just be. You can do all of this and still BE all of that up there. There is certainly a fine line between this behavior and really falling off the edge into depression. This melancholy is short lived; it’s a healing process- not a check out.
So for now, I want to just be melancholy and wait for God to do what he is gonna do.