Meet Dan

 I have a knew vision of what God is asking of our family. That is not to say the things that have not come to pass are forgotten or cast aside. In fact, the new will only bring our family closer together, and my prayer is that each of my children will remember these coming years forever. Family ministry- I highly recommend it. Whether you have one kid or eleven, find a ministry that glorifies God with your time, money, heart, prayers.

When I was a kid, my mother brought us to food pantries to volunteer, my father took us every year to Child Haven (a home for abused children) to spend time with kids and sing along to his hippy guitar, and our youth leaders scheduled monthly outreaches so we were constantly giving giving giving. I thought that’s how all Christians lived.

I am shocked with the complacency that has crept into our culture. “I am just so busy.” With what? Honoring God? Raising kids? My answer to these questions is always no. Not that I am dishonoring God intentionally, but if I am not living FOR God with intention, I am choosing that other guy, and well. He is an idiot.

So, I have to ask, are you following God or are you in the idiot parade. If you aren’t sure, JUMP to the right, cause chances are you aren’t quite where God wants you.
This guy, Dan, on the other hand. I want to be him when I grow up. (And the way my mustache is changing with age, I may ACTUALLY BE this man when I grow up.)