Maybe I Should Sleep

My eyeballs are burning in my face right now after working on resumes and applications and school work and homeschool work and writing hand written letters to 7 Asian students. I do not mean to say I just sit and write willy nilly to Asians; these are actually my students. They will be expecting things from me in the morning. They will expect me to be patient and teach them. They will expect for me to at least act like I know more than them so I can impart my wisdom. Maybe I should sleep. I have been thinking this for hours. Then, I remember some undone responsibility. To help me get my work done, I turn on the TV to keep me company. I don’t work nearly as fast as when the TV is off, so I find I am up until today turns into tomorrow, and my eyeballs are burning in my face. Maybe I should sleep. I think this post is written in several tenses, but I am too tired to edit it properly. Maybe I should sleep.