Loverly and Not so Loverly Wednesdays

I love this link up. (Click that girl. You will love her.)

Not so much the word hate. It’s like saying shut up. Always so harsh.

I love vintage.

Not so much the hunting through garage sales and dust. I have an allergy fit for a week after a good antique store.

I love coffee.

Not so much when I am out of creamer and my only option is sugar free. WHAT IS THE POINT? And what is that weird after taste? DARN YOU COFFEE AND YOUR WICKED WOMAN WAYS. I can’t quit you.

I love the sense of accomplishment exercise brings.

I hate putting one foot in front of another because that would mean I am having self-control and I have made a lifestyle of living with NO self-control. So, you see? It’s counter intuitive.

I love that I am done with school.

I hate that I wake in the middle of the night paranoid that my deferments aren’t actually in place and maybe I was supposed to send my right arm and first born to cover the first month’s payment. Also, I miss school. No I don’t. Yes I do. No I really don’t. But I kind of do.