Louder Isn’t Always Better

I listened to a girl preach this weekend. It was an exceptional treat for many reasons, the least of which being the fact that I actually got to sit in service and partake in church like a usual suspect. When you are in charge of the kids in your church family, you miss a few weeks. But she was great. I shouldn’t be surprised really; for years people have been saying, “you know Ally, right? You two would hit it off.” 

They mean we are the same. They mean we appear to have the same giftings. 
Honestly, I’ve said hi from afar, but I’ve never met her. I can’t even tell you why we’ve never officially been introduced. I certainly don’t need help speaking to strangers or strange people. She lives out of town and visits often. But she became part of our church when we were off church planting with my brother and then still when we moved to Idaho. She got married and left right as we moved back. Bummer. And after listening to her speak, I mean it. Major bummer. 
We could have been all those things Tiffany sang about in the 80s when rock love ballads were legit and steeped in hairspray and emotion. And lip gloss. I think that we could have been good friends, but there’s a little nagging voice that reminds me she is an introvert. 

What? Wait. Hold yer phone, Tiffany. 
I need a minute to decide if I can be friends with an introvert. 
Ok. Yes. We need each other, actually. Ok. ACTUALLY I need her. Maybe it’s just me, being part of the loud collection of humans called extroverts, but I’ve always had the understanding that introvert equals negative and they are really just striving to become extroverts. I feel maybe Ally knows something I don’t. 
She isn’t striving to be an extrovert. There’s nothing wrong with the very vert she already is. Additionally, I am not trying to be an introvert. However, I am striving to mimic some of her greater qualities. 
Humility and genuine heart. Truth speaker. Clear. Meek but not a pushover. The meek shall inheret the earth. Meek isn’t bad. Meek is the new patient. 
I am so grateful for the skills and talents I have been given. I am thrilled for the chance to be an encouragement and light and sometimes even that straight forward, in your face, never minding words truth sayer. I want to be who God created me to be. I want to embrace my extrovertnessingly * and be used in the best possible way. 
I love that Ally was just being her. Whichever vert you are, embrace it. We all need each other.  
*extroverts make up words. Embrace it.