Linking Up With Gypsy Mamma: Belong

I love this weekly exercise. It’s good for my brain to type for five minutes straight on one topic, never picking my pencil up from the paper- so to speak.

You can follow the button below for more information, but really the low down is just to type for five minutes on a topic she gives- no editing, no muss, no fuss, no time to rethink what I have said.

Today’s topic? Belong

I’m watching Steel Magnolias. I couldn’t help myself this fine Saturday. I awoke to a thread of quotes from this movie from a group of girls I have been friends with since forever. It’s a place where I belong. I’ve been friends with one of the girls since she and I were in our awkward phase: we both were regularly mistaken for boys. It’s true. I don’t want to talk about it.

But we both found a place where we belong. My brother’s wife. Our other two best friends who were strong enough to pummel into our group, wade through the sarcasm, and come up with a few of their own zingers are there, too. We are on a group text because iPhone understands us. We very rarely talk about important things. Sometimes we will throw out a prayer request or an update on something, but usually it’s nonsense. Clearly I like nonsense. It’s home to me.

We live in two different states, three different cities. We are all strong women, and in the world we would never get along. We would be called incompatible because most groups only have enough room for one leader, and we are not a passive. We belong because we all have Jesus in common. Sometimes that can be your only commonality, but sometimes that’s all it takes. Thanks girls.

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