Let Them Do Laundry

In our house, we have assigned laundry days. There are seven people in our family, so we assigned each kid a day for their laundry. Yes that means Handsome and I get the weekends. And now that the eldest Brewer has moved out, we get her day too.

It’s Thursday. Layla Grace’s day. However, that Layla Grace is all caught up on her laundry (what a nerd. A braggarty showing off nerd.) So I turned to the kid with the most laundry in all the land- Samuel.

It isn’t that he has more clothes than anyone or that he is behind on the chore. No, he prefers to wear the same clothing items eleventy-hundred times and then put all his other clean laundry in his hamper and then my laundry room. Cool. Thanks Sam. Enjoy doing your own laundry.

Well, tonight he did. I stood nearby because. Well. He just has a Sam way about things, so I like to keep watch in case he needs a little redirecting. But of course, I was multi-tasking. I know! We JUST discussed that multi-tasking is not real and the only real thing that is happening is that Sam’s pockets were staying really real full.

Are you picturing the worst? I did the second I opened the washer at the end of that cycle and a very strong peppermint smell accosted my nostrils. Toothpaste I thought. Oh no, gum? Is it gum?? What in the world?

A container of peppermint beadlets. My favorite for headaches, belly aches, and the like. All disintegrated. All sorts of an empty bottle. All sorts of reeking of peppermint. Yah that smell aint going away soon.

This is only made more awesome because as we were loading in the detergent and the TWO DROPS of lemon oil to keep our front loader from the mildew, Sam had the audacity to say, “Wait. I don’t want all my clothes to smell like lemon.” ::add a weird face::

Don’t worry, Sam. You’re safe. Absolutely zero lemon smell whatsoever. but I think if you suck on your tshirt hard enough you might get a little minty freshness.