Let Ferris Save Your Life

Soooo, I’m a day late for a Tuesday post, but it was important. I was doing this…

Yah. And then I ate a sorbet when I got home. What? I waited until I was done eating that toasted marshmallow. I have a problem with sugar, people. But if you love me you have to love all of me, or this will never work. 
Today I got the feeling of what it’s like to work part time. It wasn’t horrible. Makes me think I could go back to teaching half day kindergarten. Because then there would be time for the lake and my endless hours of what not and tom foolery. Working full time cuts into my shenanigans. 

Like getting seriously abused by a bee. Remember that? Yah well. The bee is dead. He’s been handled thank you, kind sir named Adam. You showed that bee who has bigger shoes. No animals or bees were harmed in the making of this story because the bee lost its stinger in the meat of my tall finger. I think he was on his way out already. 
Take a day to do this, people. Enjoy your view for a solid ten deep breathes. Don’t forget to exhale and smell the roses and look up. In the wise words of a legend, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
Be in the moment. 
What do you see? 
What do you hear? 
What do you feel? 
What do you taste? 
What do you smell? 
I see my eyes getting heavier and my sight taking a squinty shape. It’s been a very long day. 
I hear fans buzzing from the bedrooms. 
I feel warm. Obviously. If we have fans it means we don’t have central air. We have fans. 
I taste the imaginary flavor left over from my lemon sorbet. Yum. 
And I smell sunkissed skin after a hard day of working that beach front towel.