Lazy Mornings

This morning, to celebrate my eldest child’s delayed start at school, we all stayed home to sleep in. It was totally out of my hands. I tried to be responsible and leave at my normal time, but the universe was against it. THE WHOLE UNIVERSE. So we are spending the morning getting ahead, or catching up in this case, in our sweats.

Here is what is happening:

Me: taking a minute to blog to you because I’ve been cold-hearted and aloof. I checked my Instagram, played a nonsensical word game, hid my head under my covers, read two devotions today, and found my Christmas present on Amazon all before getting out of bed. Oh the wonders of smart phones. But, seriously, iOS7, you blow.

Izzy: up early because thats just what she does. She likes to roam the bottom floor of the house alone as much as possible. I think it’s a product of being the oldest of so many people. “I just need some alone time, Pappa.” Now she is headed back up to bed.

The Others: parked in front of computer screens, attempting to get school work done. None of their clothes match in the slightest. Sam is wearing what he likes to call his “smart underwear”, and I believe him because he is actually giving some great answers.

This conversation happened:
Layla Grace: When I get my first car, I want a personalized license plate that says, “STANFORD”
Sam: When I get my first car, I want a personalize license plate that says, “HEY HERBIE. I LOVE BANANAS”
Then. There was quiet. It’s tricky to know where to go from there.