Kicked By a Mule

“It’s the most amazing thing. She falls in a well, and her eyes go crossed. She gets kicked by a mule, and her eyes aren’t crossed anymore!”

Ah, the insight that comes from Classic movies. There is a chance I need to throw myself down a well. Maybe that will shake me up enough to get my head on straight. It’s one of those perfect storms of busy in my life, but there’s nothing left to take out. I’m down to a few things: food, writing deadline, my family, homework, work, sleep, and maybe cleaning. And pants. Ok FINE. I’ll put on pants. And coffee. 

Coffee goes in the food category for some people. For me it’s in a subcategory with oxygen. 

I still have Bible study once a week. I’m something like 23 weeks into something like 35 weeks of Revelation. This is my time. My time down here. (See what I did there? Goonies never say die) 
I could cut this and have my Monday evenings back, but it’s been pretty powerful. And I could skip a lot of it, but I want the notes. The notes are my favorite part. So, for now, I’ll remain. Because cutting off a group of feisty old ladies who pray for you, seems poorly timed when you’re going through so much. 

My writing conference is in two Wednesdays. It will be a lot of work while I’m there, but at least I’ll have a beautiful view. Don’t worry. I’ll share pictures.
Lord, please let their coffee be good. Amen.