Just The Two of Us (and no more)

The Man and I snuck out for five minutes of uninterrupted eye contact paired with an hour of talking freely. We didn’t speak code even once for fear little ears might hear and hold us to whatever they picked up in their eavesdropping. Heaven bless them, but if one of my kids doesn’t grow up to be a spy for the government, I may not have helped them discover their true calling. I’ve never met a crew that can gather Intel and decode our stuttered sentences and anagrams in the way my children can. 

Hubby: hey babe, want to go to the thing and get a D just ::opens eyes wide and winks twice:: 
Some child of mine: You guys are leaving!! To get drinks?! Just the two of you!!
Me: hey babe, there’s a special thing and I was thinking of getting a ::points to ceiling:: for 5. 
Some child of mine: you’re getting Sam a new hat for Christmas. 
Me: son of crap!! How do they do it!?
They are spies or wizards- I haven’t decided. But the point is, we had time alone speaking freely like humans and not robots. It was glorious. 

Our conversation weaved from updates to goings on. We talked of funny stories and remembered our babies who are now college bound. We relayed the mocking we’ve done lately and got misty over the feelings on the horizon when our oldest leaves for college. 
We partook in the trivia cards strewn about the bar table and got caught up in each other’s eyes a time or two. We sat close, so we touched the whole time. We remembered who we are- I am his and he is mine and no one else gets to fit in between us. We’ve left a pocket for Jesus, but nobody and nothing else is welcomed here. Not in this space. 

In this space, I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine. The end. There’s no grey space here. There’s no compromise. We were attached 22 years ago this January. Then we married almost 20 years ago. I’ve been his longer than I haven’t in this life. What an overwhelming blessing. What an unexpected gift. 
Thank you, Mike Brewer, for always being my man. You are loved, sir.