Just For You Mom: Bear With One Another

Sometimes I want to crawl into a hole and forget about my issues. More often, I want to put myself in timeout and zone out to a saucy episode of Friday Night Lights and scream “GO 33!” Like I am a real football fan. Timeouts are reserved for times when other people’s struggles make my heart heavy.

I’m working on my more recluse side. Nothing about me begs to be alone, but sometimes I find myself quoting Peewee Herman, “I’m a rebel Dottie. A loner” when really I should be quoting Jesus when he said loving others is the most important rule we could ever keep. 

Today I am over at Just For You Mom writing about Paul’s admonition to bear each others burdens.
I’ll keep working on it. For now, “there’s things about me you wouldn’t understand. Things. You COULDN’T understand. THINGS. You shouldn’t understand.” 

I get the sense you’re trying to understand me. We’ve been over this.…