Just Don’t Look Too Closely

To look at me you might choose from a few phrases to describe me:

Wow, killer boots, man!
Your hair is so (fill in the blank-large, puffy, rad, engulfing)
You’re nuts. That’s a lot of kids!
You’re awesome; look at you go… (maybe no one says this last one)

But sometimes I feel like I am on the spot because of the sheer size of my family. I warn you though. Just don’t look too closely.

My smile is often sarcastic. My hair is from the day before…or the day before that. My dinner is left over. My pants have been worn at least twice. My socks don’t always match each other. My children have their jammies on under their clothes for faster transitions. And, while I am actually looking busy, this face only means I forgot why I walked into this room in the first place.

This day has been one of those where I fight the devil and use my old lady swears (inside my mind) because he is coming at me at forty different angles. I didn’t even realize I had that many angles approaching me. Let’s not discuss it.

I woke up late.
I spilled tortilla chip crumbs all over my car floor.
I tried to start my car. It didn’t work. Twice. My hunky fire fighter husband saved the day. As usual. He’s kind of a big deal around this city.
I lost my keys. I mean I lost my keys, and then I lost my replacement keys. That’s cool.
I found set number two. Still waiting to hear from set number one. Ring a Ling Mr. Keychain!
I forgot I had to work until five. I thought I was leaving at 4. Just kidding apparently.
I got home to finish school with the kids. Our school website is down. Ok maybe this one is a blessing in disguise. We are snuggled up to a Christmas movie now instead.

I’m fighting back with my glass half full. This is where my kids would say “up your butt with a rubber nut”. We are making the most of this crazy day.