It’s Friday

And my interwebs don’t work in our new house. No. That isn’t a joke. It’s a glimpse into hell. FINE I am being dramatic, but seriously, I would be in a stupor if it weren’t for my iPhone and 3G.
(Side letter, Dear Charter. Stop being lame. Just do your job. I know you can do it. Come on. Chop chop. Go go. Don’t make me get hostile. I have a big mouth. My first grade report card confirms it. Just fix my internet and install my home phone. (Double side letter, Dear Verizon, your service sucks around Hubble and Vista. Please make a note of it and step to as to remedying it.))

Our house? It’s so cute.
Our jobs? a little hectic on my side, but excellent for the man.
Our kids? Need routine. We are lacking routine. The bigs will be leaving Monday for a five day camp. We are thrilled. I mean sad.

I mean thrilled.

To celebrate this rare internet connection, I am linking up with this girl. Her name is NoDots. She is awesome and I love her and she is so pretty. Tell your friends.

I am linking this flashback to a post that still reflects my nights. Hairy, scary, and not enough booze.