It’s All in the Timing

One minute ago, I was finishing up my homework discussion questions and wondering why people get offended when others follow directions. A guy in my class is annoyed that a girl in my class made a suggestion on his paper. Our assignment? Post your paper and allow others to make suggestions.

One hour ago, I was thinking I had a LOT more homework to complete because I had yet to read that my assignment isn’t due until next week. I was contemplating whether or not I should turn off the movie I was watching and focus (but I decided no because Robert Downy Jr in Heart and Soul is just too irresistible).

One day ago, I was snuggling into the guest bed at the Harrison B&B after pigging out at the Rib Cook off (yes we drove there to attend; don’t judge me)

One week ago, I was saying a sad salute over the fact that we were going to miss the rib cook off for the first time in at least a decade.

One month ago, we were moving and upheaved and overwhelmed and tired of transition.

One year ago, we felt the winds of change as we felt, heard, and saw God preparing us for new. New can be good. Little, Yellow, Different. Nuprin. I wish I had Nuprin. My head feels like it may explode from the pain that is my headache.