It occured to me

I was driving along listening to an oldie but a goodie. The story of David and Goliath. As I listened to an overly passionate man read the scriptures and the same story I have heard countless times, I heard it differently.
I heard David talk about God’s glory. He announced himself as the army of the Living God. That’s gutsy. Then he said something along the lines of “Hey, Goliath, I get what you see: a little kid, short sauce compared to your nine plus feet, a stick in one hand, a sling shot in the other. But this isn’t about me or my size or my name or family or experience or you. This is about God getting the glory when this victory happens. When you fall, God rises in people’s eyes just a little bit taller. I’m not a warrior of the Israelites. I am a warrior in the army of the Living God, and when you fall, because you will, and I cut your head off with your own sword, because I will, and when we walk away from here as the victors, because we will, then God will be glorified and everyone forever will see what we mean when we say God is powerful and able to do ANYthing with anyone who is willing to stand up and say ‘yes’ and say ‘my God shall supply all my needs'”.

I want faith like this. I ask for it all the time, but this morning it occurred to me that I am attempting to speak out in faith, but perhaps I am standing upon a shaky ground because it’s MY ground and not God’s ground.
My husband has four more work days before his lay off becomes finalized. At least that’s the information we have. God probably has something up his sleeves. Do you ever stop and think, “wowza that guy has some pretty big sleeves with all the happy shenanigans he hides up there”?
I know God is going to give my husband a new job or somehow allow him to keep his current one. I KNOW he is. But I am realizing he is going to do it, not so we will have money or my husband will have a job to go to. God is going to give my husband a job, so the people everywhere will say, “God is miraculous. Look how much he cares for that family. What a magnificent God! He is able to do ANYthing.”
That’s what I want for us. God’s glory to show through everything we do. Even simple things like getting jobs.