It All Changes So Fast

What a whirlwind two weeks. Three weeks ago I felt the tug to put my kids in school. All of them. I prayed and pondered for about a minute before I knew it was right. Of course it was the middle of the night. Just see my last post if you need clarification.  

I got on my phone and Googled my options. Slim, I tell ya. I asked around. I stopped a woman in the grocery store whose child appeared to be wearing uniforms. (I wasn’t searching for a uniform promoting school. I am anti-uniforms for what I feel are very good reasons, but that post is still in draft mode. Be patient). Anyway. Her girls go to a magnet school in their neighborhood. Nowhere near me. I called two charter schools. Full. One offered to give us a tour and put us on the waiting list. There are four people on the list and their names are all my children. We missed it by four kids. 
We discussed. Argued some. Prayed. Welled up over the implications of sending my babies to school. Had a couple conversations with some truth speaking, wise parents/besties. 
Then we got a call last Tuesday saying kid number four could start ASAP. I left work and purchased her uniforms. Bah. 
We waited three more days and signed my number two and three up for their local zoned middle school. I cried. Threw an inter-tantrum. And rallied in my mind before handi

ng over their file and registration. 

Now? Now I homeschool kid five and work and drive 17 places a day. Why didn’t someone tell me there was so much driving? Why didn’t someone say how time consuming it is to send your kids to school. I promise you homeschooling takes less time and coordination, but so much good is coming from the kids in school. 
My favorite so far is my time with Sam. That kid is more than hilarious. I don’t even know what word comes after hilarious, but that is Sam. 
As we were driving downtown Addie was reading a casino sign. “We’ve loosened our slots”. Sam laughed hysterically and yelled “DISGUSTING”
Now that’s funny stuff. 
Meanwhile. I would like to tip my hat to large families in school. That takes an amazing mamma. I’m working on it. 
I have five kids in four different schools. So I started drinking. HA. Ok. I simply added a cup of joe to my daily grind. 
I am also hoping to add a chiropractor, massages, and the gym. And yes. I am still considering a house keeper. More than ever actually. Try and stop me Napoleon.