Is This What It’s Coming To?

 A blog post every two weeks? Who ever heard of such a thing?? Working moms, that’s who. I have many questions, most having nothing to do with anything significant. Instead, I will leave you with this roll of pictures as proof that I am actually living life and not holed up on my bed wishing for summer.

This girl drinks coffee. I think it’s too late for her. Judge me if you’d like, but she is gearing up for Stanford. She is one of the most amazing people any of us will ever know. She is brilliant without being socially weird. Stars aligned for this one.

 This boy is leaving. I hate it and I love it all at once. It hurts so much I might just cut that heart right off my sweater and give it to him when he leaves. He is beautiful and smart and hilarious and I am so grateful that he is the oldest boy in our family. He has always been my favorite. His mom said I wasn’t allowed to play favorites, but when you grow up with a kid, and wake up ten times a night to give him back his pacifier, and try to give him a little smooch and he slips you his 8 month old tongue, you tend to stay connected. It works because there is a chance he is my favorite over my own children even! Good luck buddy. Have fun finding your dad, er. Going to college.

 If I weren’t so old, this girl and I would be identical twins. She is just weird. The end.

 This boy is showing me he wants to be Joey Tribbiani when he grows up. And no. He didn’t use these air quotes correctly. “Good morning” Brilliant.

 Oh, do pirates not lead your school chapel? Hmmm. Sad. Of course this boy posed with the girl.

 And what the what?! This girl (left) attended her first formal dance. She is about to be 15. She went with a gamut of girls. Or a gaggle of girls. Or…what do you call a largish, smallish group of teenage girls who teeter between “boys have cooties” and “oh. my. look at his arms”? That’s who she went with.