Is It Inevitable?

Humans have so much to offer one another, but it’s not just the good that seems to pass between us. When we get into relationships, we have happy times and aggravation.

Jesus was always so good at just accepting people. People who were probably defensive, offensive, and any other fensive you can come up with. Still, he loved.

Moreover, when asked if there was a line to be drawn, he said no. There isn’t a point we get to where we say, “I tried being kind. I tried loving you. You make it impossible. Jesus is letting me off the hook with you.” At least I have yet to find that scripture.

But how do I stay genuine when someone so seemingly awful is in my face? Do I smile and pretend there is no problem? Do I distance myself? Do I tell them they are so awful that I find it tough to be around them unless I am using Jesus’ love? I do not know the answers to all of these questions.

The phrase “turn the other cheek” comes to mind. My mouth is shut when I picture this. It’s probably for the best. Saying it all out loud means I am adding to the grumbling. I hate grumbling. Grumblers exhaust me. Just say it people!! If you are mumbling what you have to say because you aren’t sure you should be saying it out loud, chances are this is more your issue than the one you are grumbling about.

And bee tee double you. All that grumbling is infectious.
Not inevitable. Lord, help me choose to love. Your grace is inevitable. Thanks for it.