Identity Theft: free stuff for you

This episode of The Office cracks me up every time. I love that two pairs of these glasses actually exist. I love the identity Jim is stealing from Dwight: glasses, shirt, terrible tie, and the longest line of nerdery. AKA bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. 

If only this was how all identity theft was: silly and innocent. At worst maybe obnoxious. But some identity theft is outright devastating. Some lingers in the corners and slides smoothly into our seams as little kids. And here it sticks for a while. A long while. 
Have you ever battled with who you are? I don’t mean your name or title. I mean, do you know why you were created and chosen? Do you understand who your maker says you are?
“You’re a ‘daddy’s girl,’ deeply loved by your Father in heaven!”*
 Do you believe him?
“He’s smitten with you. He dotes on you, enjoys you, and loves it when you let him love you!”*

My friend, Lara Izokaitis, has written a book I think every woman and young adult girl should read. It’s a beautiful story of choosing who gets to tell who you are by understanding whose you are. I love it so much, in fact, that I’m giving away a copy of Caterfly to two lucky winners! 
Each book set comes with a journal and pen. I’ve even gift wrapped them! Keep them or pass them along as a present! 
I was given this book by a friend who, like the rest of us at some point, struggled with her true identity. I’ve read through this book alone, and now I’m planning to lead a tween and teen small group series where we read this together and answer the questions from each section.
Dwight got it right when he said “Identity theft is not a joke…” 
The sooner we throw wide those musty curtains that tried to hide our real identity, the sooner we begin to understand God’s ultimate plan for our life.
We see the false and call it by its name. 
No more hiding out. 
No more head in the sand. 
No more stuck in our past. 
“Trade those ashes in for beauty. And wear forgiveness like a crown.”
“There is supernatural purpose in your dreams and the world cannot afford for you NOT to pursue them! God has put specific dreams within your heart that only you were made to fulfill…”*
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*quotes from this life changing book.