I Totally Chickened Out: Thank Your Everybody

I admired something on my Instagram story because it was right in the middle of the day when I knew most of you wouldn’t be available to watch. Plus, I knew it would disappear in 24 hours, and there would be no proof that I was a total clown on live radio.

Last week was launch week. Translation, I am tired and my words escape me. Especially when it’s 7 aye em and my coffee is still brewing. There was this whole plan. I was going to wake up 30 minutes earlier than I did. I was going to chat with my kids to say good morning and send them on their way to school with a smile. I was going to drink my coffee and warm up my voice and sit in my silent living room and shine like the radio star I was meant to be!


I woke up late.

My living room phone never rang.

My cell phone rang.

My kids left late.

My coffee sat in the pot while I began my radio interview.

And then, when those super chipper morning radio people said “good morning,” and “thank you for being here,” I said, “Thank morning.” And then I paused awkwardly not sure how to recover. Especially because all I could think about was Frank Something Or Other who is so in love with his typewriter. Remember him? From You’e Got Mail? He goes on TV to try to save The Shoppe Around The Corner and ends up flirting with a Republican and slobbering all over his words as he says, “Thank Your.”

Thank you, Lord, for making me laugh so hard and keeping my head the right size.