I Find

I want to adjust my neck without the degree of a chiropractor just because it hurts so much and my appointment is so far away.

hairs on my face where I do not want them. I have very specific hair departments. My chin is not one of them.

my children are loud when I want them quiet and extra quiet and mumbly when I ask them to speak up as in confession.

warmth under the home woven handy quilt I created a couple weeks ago.

myself eating junk more than the average human. GAH! My will power is a snail in a salt storm. goo.

staying up late and waking up early means I am not a fully functioning human. This morning I found myself waving and moaning rather than saying the words I originally planned. Think Frankenstein.

as I age, my grey hairs are determined to own me. I can’t decide if I care.

I care about more and care about less all at the same time. How is this possible?

I ramble.