Here Fishy Sing Along Songs

Sometimes we take our kids fishing on a whim. It’s good family time. Izzy and I typically snuggle on a blanket; I read and she draws. We make fun of each other. Good times. The kids hang out with Michael as he baits and rebaits fishing hooks.
Last night when all this took place, my youngest son Sam-I-Am decided he was too antsy to sit still, so when he got a bite on his line, I jumped up to help.

Please understand that I do not fish. I don’t understand it. It’s boring. BUT I like my husband, and I like hanging out with him and my kids whilst I get to veg and read, so I go along.
It was all very dramatic- me fishing. I leaped up! I screamed and grabbed the pole in a dramatic fisher woman way. “WHAT DO I DO? WHAT DO I DO?!!”

I followed the first advice yelled back at me by Layla Grace,” YANK UP THE POLE!” So I did. This, in case you are not a fisher, is incorrect.
I lost the fish. I was a disappointment to the Brewer household. So-much-so that they made a song about me. :/ Here it is:

Sam-O caught a fish
BUT Mamma jerked it off.

Repeat this stanza loudly and constantly until your mom makes you stop to get an idea of what it was like for me.
Next time I may stay home.