Guest Posting: Missing the Good Stuff


Are you goal oriented? If yes, I would probably get you completely. Even if you are abrupt and cut throat about it. If no, I’d like to think I would stay your friend, but really, I won’t understand. It’s not you; it’s me. I am SO goal driven, if I weighed 400 pounds and made it onto the Biggest Loser I would be more focused on winning than changing my life. There’s a good and bad side to all walks of life.

To combat this epidemic, I will eat Ben and Jerry’s frozen yogurt. Um, before you nay sayers count me out, you are not doctors or trained in the physics of frozen yogurt powers; I will not believe the drivel you present unless, in fact, you agree with me on this point. While we work through this (I eat yogurt, and you think of a witty comeback, I would like to invite you to read me at Just For You Mom.

This week, I am talking about Missing the Good Stuff because we are caught up in the Nonsense.*

*This writer obviously supports Nonsense. So much so that she is choosing to make it a proper noun.

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