God, You’re Borderline Ridiculous

Seriously. I’m looking at this past week, and I can’t even. We always quip that God’s timing is perfect. But I don’t think we often believe it. 

Most times I look around and think this is probably the worst time for this. “This” being anything whatsoever that is hard for me. Anything that requires endurance or strength (inside or out) or anything that requires me to look God in the face for longer than eight seconds.

I’m more convinced now that God’s timing is borderline ridiculous. This last week, I finished my master’s in theology, sent in my manuscript for my first book, and became ordained with the Foursquare International Church. Before you accuse me of taking on too much, let me clarify that I chose only one of these right now. The timing of most everything was totally out of my hands.

I knowingly signed up for school. Had the calendar. Knew the start and end dates. It seemed to fit with our lives. And I knew God was calling me here. 

I started writing a book ten years ago. Literally a decade. I had zilcho idea where that would lead. AFTER I started school, my agent called and said my book was getting published. Amazing news. Something ONLY God could orchestrate. But then they came back and said they needed everything by August. Really God? After ten years?

Awkward sideglance to my sweaty pits. Uh. What? That’s in four months. And I work full time. And I’m married to a guy I really like. Oh yah. I have five kids, and I’m in school full time. They gave me two extra weeks. Manuscript due September 19. Cue sweatier pits. 

Then I get an email. Mid June. “You’ve been selected by Foursquare International to be ordained this September.” And I could have said no to this, but that didn’t feel right. Especially because my mother was getting ordained at the same time. 

I checked my school calendar. My final assignment? Yah. That’s due September 6th AND apparently I was required to do a 45 hour internship at church by the same date. 

I can’t even tell you how long it was before I closed my mouth. I just sat there like a codfish.

God is a masterpiece maker. He takes our story and writes in a way that we get to see his beauty poured out on the canvas of our days. He takes a season and adds color more vibrant than we imagine at the onset. It’s o my when we are in it so deep and we chance to look around and say, “what a miracle. What a powerful and oh so capable God we serve!” I wish I remembered this better before we get started. 

And I’m guessing that God brings all these things together not to bring chaos. But to create a perfect storm only he can control. 

“They were terrified and asked each other, ‘Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!'” Mark 4:41

The answer to that is “He is God. He is good. And he will always be enough.”

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