Giveaway: Wives! Lend Me Your Ears

You know what is rough sometimes? Being a wife. That’s just for real. And just like with momming, there’s no manual. Of course we always have the Bible. And it’s great. We see a whole lot of how to live, speak, spend our time, set an example, etc in the pages of scripture. I am pretty sure Jesus meant our husbands to be included when he said, “love your neighbor.”

But sometimes, you need to sit with a girlfriend and a steaming hot cup oh something wonderful and just mull it all over. Process it out. Meekly ask for some accountability. Boldly confess some junk. And audaciously take a step toward being a better wife. If you just read that and feel like you are all caught up and don’t need to be a better wife, congrats. You are about forty years ahead of me and I really need for you to come over to my house and sit with me and a steaming hot cup oh something wonderful so we can mull it all over. I need what you’ve got to offer.

That’s what I found in Jen Weaver’s new book A Wife’s Secret to Happiness. I read this one on my plane ride to and from Ireland. These pages made me actually think (for a second) ” I am glad this flight is so long. It will give me more time to read!!” I devoured this book at times, and had to set it down and mull for a while. Thank goodness a nine hour layover gives you ample amounts of mulling time. I needed to hear all the words. All of them.

Whether you are wanting to be married, newly married, hating marriage, happily married, whatever. If you get anywhere near the M word, this book can help.

It reminded me I don’t need to settle for humdrum just because I am 21 years in with this guy. I like him. I mean. I LIKE LIKE him a lot. Sometimes I get so caught up in the busy I forget what we mean. What this covenant does to us and our kids and anyone who comes near while we are busy right in the thick of happy or sad or angry or sin. All of it. It changes us. And thank goodness.

Here are a couple lines from the book:

Don’t be distracted by your mate’s backstory. We reject the blessings of a godly husband when we disqualify our men from receiving God’s call to lead. The Lord placed him in our life for your good.

As a wife, you are part of your husband’s ministry.

As husband and wife, we fight for one another’s dreams as armor bearers-wartime partners who stand firm in great danger, carrying shields and blades to aid their champions in the attack. They stay close at hand, often killing wounded enemy fighters. These warriors don’t watch from the sidelines; they get their hands dirty in the thick of battle.

We have to fight for this thing called marriage because it’s so incredibly offensive to the enemy. He’s waiting like a prowling lion for one tiny break in our armor. Fight for it. Fight alongside it. FIGHT. Jen Weaver takes you through some step by steps to reflect on your true “wife-style.” She asks you to take stock in your contribution and change it up.

No one spends their wedding day planning their divorce. Being mindful of your wife-style will keep you right along the path on which God has placed you. That fateful, and faith filled day you said, “I do.” Jen says that’s a really important day, but even more so are the days we stick around to continually say, “I still do.”

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It’s time we take back marriage from the enemy’s threatening fingertips. Marriage has always and will always be God’s creation. Let’s start protecting it as such.