GIVEAWAY: The Easter Story Egg

I am convinced nesting eggs are the world’s greatest equalizer. What is it about the way they snuggle on into each other that grabs any kid of any age? I set my Easter Story Egg out a little early, just to see how my kids would like it.

The answer is there’s no age group for this little bunch-oh-eggs. We have a lot of teenagers around here. Some of them belong to us, but a whole lot more do not. They come for tacos or sometimes pancakes and even a ride to youth group. And lately, they come for the egg.

Seriously. They don’t just play with it and move on. They build, stack, restack, unstack, and rebuild and talk to me about it the whole time. They try to guess what each egg has inside and if this in fact the last egg! We rehearse the story.

Hilarious. This set of nesting eggs comes with a story you can read leading up to Easter or on Easter morning. I am such a huge fan of traditions. My kids have come up with some doozies, and this one is already a new family favorite.

Want one? I want to give you one. Just leave me a comment and tell me your favorite family tradition for Easter. Winner announced THIS Friday.

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