GIVEAWAY: I’m Seriously Tired As A Mother

So. Y’all know I LOVE me a good t-shirt. Some quip in a fancy font? It’s basically my love language. It fills me up, and it lets you know just a little bit more about me. Like. How tired I am. 

As a mother. That’s how.

Anyhow.  When I ordered a shirt similar to this one and it never came. I cried. Right out my eyes. 

Fine. I didn’t cry. But I was annoyed until my new friends at Hoss Fly Tees contacted me and said, “hey. We have that shirt. Want it?” 

And then I was all {whimper out of joy} “yes” and they’re all “gimme yer digits” and then I was all {sniffle in joy} “ok”. 

It went on like this until they said they’d give me TWO so I could give one to one of you. Then I outright yelled “glory be” and  I’ve been wearing this shirt any time it isn’t in the laundry. 

Want one? Just share this post or tag a mama who you know needs about five minutes of uninterrupted eye contact with the back of their eyelids. Be sure you are following me on Instagram. It’s where I do my best poses. 

Winner announced Tuesday. Because tacos. 

2 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: I’m Seriously Tired As A Mother”

  1. Girl I do not have Instagram. I blow enough of my day on Facebook. 🙂 Bahahaha, but I do love your blog & I did share your giveaway so can I whimper out of joy & give you my digits to get an entry into this drawing?

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