Friday Link Ups

Oh how I have missed you! And so appropriately, today’s topic for Five Minute Friday?



I am HERE blog world. I have internet, which means I get to participate in…well, the world. We moved into our new house about a month ago. I called almost immediately to have the interwebs installed. Several sweaty and apologetic men later, we finally have a hook up. And we didn’t even miss all of the Olympics. Speaking of here, I wish I was there.

London, right now, is probably insanely crazy and traffic riddled and expensive. Still, I want to sit at at least one Olympic even in my lifetime. Australia would be a good venue. Somewhere in Africa would set my heart a twitter. But, hey, I am easy. I’ll go to Rio. I just want to be there!

But I am currently happy with the here I am experiencing. New house. New towels. New neighborhood. New view. New stores to call my own. New city. Here.


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And to really celebrate that I made it back to the land of the living, I am linking up with Ms No Dots for a Friday flashback. You can join her by clicking HERE

Here is my flashback. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK