First Day of School and Some Other Beeswax

Sam I Am and I stayed home today with The Man while these and the rest of our hooligans attended their first day of school. While Elijah and Layla Grace have been to school before, this was Addison’s  first round of elementary school. The bottom picture is an exact likeness of the happiness she felt minutes before walking into class. Currently, she is bleary eyed as she reads me a story about a blue monster from Sesame Street. I have never seen her so exhausted. So cute.
Here are the top ten highlights of my day:

  1. Addison’s smile before class
  2. My children’s enthusiasm at being in school
  3. Finding out each of my kids have pretty great teachers, whom they each love
  4. Eating breakfast and lunch with just The Man and Sam I Am
  5. Cleaning things in my house that stayed clean after I touched them
  6. Finishing my homework before midnight in a quiet house
  7. The routines now in place because school has started- I heart routine
  8. That Addison is reading to me
  9. Everyone is tired enough to go right to sleep when their 7:30 bedtime rolls around
  10. It’s a repeating cycle