Easy Like: A Friday Link Up

A Writing exercise: The challenge? Write for five minutes on the given topic. This week the code word is “EASY”


It’s so easy to say words. To write words. To give sage words of wisdom. Easy.

It’s fully something else to sit in the middle of those words and live them.
“I am patient. Maybe I am not the most patient person, but I trust God to do what he is gonna do.”

I say.
At the same time I feel

“Uh Hello, Lord. Here I am. Any second you are going to notice me down here, yes? I stepped out. You said do this thing. ‘Offer your words. Step that toe in the water. Hit this rock with your staff. Trust’ and I have. So. Know what I mean? I’m being patient. So hurry up, huh?”

When I am honest, I am not the first girl at all. I am 100% the second girl. But I am willing to keep fighting. I am leaning in and keeping my eyes up to the hills. Where the wind whips and the mountains shake and the storms rage, but God shows up in the whispers. I will lean in to the whispers.