Dear Men, I Need You: Will You Say Yes?

Our day to day was never meant to go forth with so few men leading the charge. This is not a sexist post. Nor is it a man bashing or feminist post. This is simply me saying, “I can’t raise my kids without solid men around my children.”

father-son-1765097_960_720I need men willing to pour into my world changers. My husband, my brothers, our youth leader, men we work with: these are some of the guys my kids look to as they make decisions, but we need more. My teenagers spend about 40 hours a week at school not counting when my son is in his football season. They have a few male teachers, but I need more. And I need the ones they have to realize the potential they have.

I need men to seek out conversation with my kids. To ask the hard questions to my teenage son. To remind my daughter she is enough. To repeat the things I say that fall on deaf ears because I am just the mom.

I need men to pray over my children. To encourage my kids to pray. To remind my children to speak respectfully to authority and honor opposite genders with their looks and words and body language.

I need men to step in when I am parenting. Coaches, husbands, youth guys, all of you- I am speaking to you. Not interrupting me. Supporting my words. So when my son rolls his eyes or my daughter wants to argue, I want to hear you say, “Hey. Stop talking and listen to your mother. Be respectful when you answer her. And her name is ‘ma’am’ not ‘whatever or dude.'”

I am not a weak parent. I am not a tread lightly kind of girl. Passive has never been my adjective. But none of that means I don’t need some God fearing men to stand with me while I attempt to help my children become men and women who will take our places.

Don’t wait to be invited. THIS is your invitation. Speak up. I am asking you to stand with me. Will you say yes?