Dear Clutter, Get Out

I don’t know where it comes from, clutter. My counters are a jungle of papers and hair bands and dishes and other tom foolery. I had a day off because my boy has a cough due to cold. I did a little research and found this lady and her list of how to have a more organized home in four weeks. Yes please. That’s an excellent way to kick off the summer if you ask me.

I tackled an entire week of her list in one day. I realize she is going for routine, but since I still have a week of work days left, I figure I should give our house a boost and work on routine later. This counter just looked so pretty I had to photograph her.

Then I scrolled down and realized one of my first chores was to clean out my fridge. SHEESH! I knew this was going to be an event. I do not at all understand what is happening in my refrigerator. Chaos.

I grabbed my baking soda and my old Pampered Chef quick stir pitcher. This pitcher is perfect for cleaning because I can throw in my gallon of water and my 1/4 cup of baking soda and mix it all easily without dirtying up a spoon. I emptied, I scrubbed, I soaked my shelves in the bathtub.

I even grabbed my Pampered Chef stoneware scraper to handle that beastly stuck on foods. Brilliant inventions. I use them to scrape my counters, fold papers properly, and get in the seams of hard to clean areas. I was rewarded with this beauty.

Furthermore, I threw down a challenge to myself to find 50 items to get rid of. Money Saving Mom says seven a day. FlyLady says 27 every week. I went crazy and said 50. I ended up chucking or donating 120 items.
Dear Clutter, Get Out