Day 7

What is in my minivan trunk you ask? Get ready.

  • a package of blueberries from my last trip to Costco
  • a handful of reusable grocery bags that I keep forgetting to bring inside the store
  • two shoes (I know what you are thinking, but no, they are two shoes from different sets. Same foot though, so that’s helpful. Win, win.)
  • an opened pack of carrots that has a strange odor
  • a green ribbon
  • a grocery bag full of too small kid clothes and one of my old clothes I felt bored of. Good news though, because it has been so long since I put them in there, I sort of like them again.
  • a towel from a beach trip over the summer. There is also the sand to prove it.
  • a very furry jacket that two people I once called friends placed in my vehicle after we visited them. Drove seven hours to see them. Left family events a little earlier than we should have to spend time with them. Prayed for them and their upcoming trip. Stayed up late with them to get things in order for said trip. Looked in their eyes and saw what I thought was honesty to the question, “You didn’t put that coat in my van did you?” I was wrong. They are liars to my face. Shun. (OK to be fair, we hid the very scary coat in their house last time we were there and left little clues for them to hunt in their house until they found it. I should have known it was coming.)
  • One of my kids. No, I am kidding, but sometimes they will disappear for an hour or so, and I can’t help but wonder if they have been swallowed up by the pit that is my minivan trunk.