Day 6

Budget. Schmudget. Last night we got our Dave Ramsey on and created a new budget for our life in Idaho which should lead to a happier life in Idaho.
I hate feeling poor. I don’t care about fancy cars or houses or clothes (well, I do love clothes, but I am a thrift store girl) or excess. I do not like budgeting food. It brings a sense of insecurity. When I was a kid we were always poor. Ambition often held priority over stability in my home, so I have grown up with a sense of panic when food supplies or money runs low. Revisiting this as an adult made me realize I am not truly trusting God for my provisions if I get sweaty pits at the thought of cutting back on grocery items. I shouldn’t need to find a happy place because my pantry isn’t well stocked.
God is great, God is good. I will thank him for my food.
Also, I will count on him to fill in the gaps our measly paychecks do not cover. The end.