Day 5

Oh, hello. Good to see you. I am here for a super quick minute to say although my address has changed, my love for receiving Christmas cards has not. I use them as decoration in my home, so if you, and you know who you are, have yet to mail me a card, can you do it please. Call or text for my new address. Here is a clue as to our cards:


So, if you are thinking you don’t live near me or aren’t sure if I want to receive your Christmas greetings because we aren’t as close as we once were, you are wrong. If you send me one, I will have your address. Then I can send you one of our cards. See?
Also, if you are thinking you have received a card from us in the past, so you are a shoe in for this year, you should know my address book did not make it in the move. Nor did my to-go coffee mug, my two Camelbak water bottles, my locket from my husband, or my stash of greeting cards for various occassions. There, now you have my Christmas list as well.