Day 3

Because I failed you by forgetting to post yesterday, I will honor you with two posts in one day.
“Well, this IS a surprise, Clark. This is just a real nice surprise” ~Cousin Eddy, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Apparently, I have critics. I got a text this morning with some feedback on The Blog. It said I should change my picture because the emotion on my face from the previous picture is unsettling. So, here. I changed it to a profile so as to no longer upset people with my face.
My unsettling face and I are now going to crawl into bed, where we wanted to be half hour ago, but The Man wasn’t ready. It went like this:
He finished reading his book.
I continued reading.
He got up and went into our bedroom/bathroom.
I stopped reading and started closing up house and turning off lights.
He came out and began playing Words With Friends.
I asked if he was ready for bed, and I mentioned I could keep reading, he could keep WWFing.
He mentioned no thanks, so I found something to do called catch up on my blogging.
Minutes pass, I settle into writing, and he stands and says, “Well, I am off to bed.”
“What the freak just happened” (Kid History, Episode 6)