Day 24: The Brew Crew

People think I jest when I say, “We need our own show.” Not only would I love the funds that would come from this sort of situation, but the people of this great nation would finally be able to see for themselves what I mean when I say, “My kids are a hoot. Like a funny owl.” They are you know? Funny owls. May I introduce the cast?

Addison,the sweet to look at sassy to speak to, please don’t be an idiot anywhere near her if you can’t handle what she may have to say about it.

Samuel, the kid you want to approach, even though you can’t always understand the English coming out of his mouth, and you completely love him, until you make him lose his temper. Then. He will eat your face off and storm away. Only to return if you grovel and offer sugar.

Elijah, the kid who starts the party as he walks in the door, is learning when funny and rude separate, but can make the most stoic person sing along to a happy birthday falsetto. Also, he looks smashing in a fedora and blazer. At the age of ten.

Layla Grace. Her name explains that she is retro and capable and graceful and worth knowing. All things true. She has hutzpah. Everyone she knows is changed.

Isabelle Rose, the girl who is a beauty with a voice she is still too shy to try out in public. She is growing into her own skin and working on new talents. She is a smart alexis. I like it.

Cumulatively, they make the Brew Crew, not at all unlike the Partridge Family.

Tonight, as we arrived home from checking out Nampa’s Christmas lights, we were informed we were in for a treat aka a show. They performed no less than six Christmas songs, played two songs with a piano accompaniment, and reenacted the nativity scene with baby Samuel playing Jesus. Far fetched? Jesus would be flattered. The whole thing was fantastic- even the part where Addison was irate that the dress Izzy made for her was pinned and not sewn. Even the part when Elijah sang falsetto to Away in a Manger while posing as The Strong Man and playing Joseph. Multitasker.
Good times. Sorry you don’t live here. Sorry we don’t have our own show.