Day 1

It’s December. WHAT?! I may have accused one of my students of being a liar for pointing this out to me. Maybe. Then I began thinking of the coming new year and what my goals will be. For the first time in 6 years, my goals will not be education related. The battle I face is being sure all of my goals aren’t self serving.
Here are some thoughts running around in my head for goals (although I may ditch some when I remember I am wimpy):

  • Prefer my husband at least once a day (no, before you ask, this is not a euphemism). It’s just that I feel that I sure like that guy, and I want him to know it. At least once a day.
  • Bible learnin’ needs to be key. Memorizing scripture, speaking them over my life, getting to the point that I believe every scripture in the Bible was written for me. Not you. Me. Okay maybe you. But also me. 
  • Rosalie and me, we need to be insep. I am determined to be able to say, “I play the guitar” and mean “I play guitar well.” Also, Rosalie is my guitar. Just to clarify. Some Rosalies are vampires, but mine is not. Mine is a guitar.
  • Exercise. Too cliche? Well whatevers, I have to do it. It is so, so freezing during the days here, so jogging has been a little tricky. But, I just feel, if those people in prison, with their hand made shiv and only a mattress and a toilet as workout apparatus. I have those things. Mattress: check. Toilet: check. Shiv: check. While I DO really miss my treadmill, I plan to add the Dailey Method to my daily routine. Any of you who have access to a Dailey Method gym, go. You will not regret it. Best, best, best workout with such fantastically fast results. 

So, now I need to see what other short, medium, and long term goals I want to focus on that don’t just benefit me. Like finishing my book or adding a random act of kindness in every week. What are your goals?