Conversations With Sam at Bedtime

I was tucking in Sam-I-AM who is four. He wasn’t in his bed when I went up to tuck him in. We usually send them up and give them a few minutes to gather their nonsense and whatever else it is short people do instead of us standing there impatiently saying, “get in bed. get in bed. get in bed.”

Now we give them time. Only, lately they have been running amok until we come up there and stand impatiently and say, “get in bed. get in bed. get in bed.” Sigh.

Tonight, he wasn’t in bed. Instead of yelling at him, I picked up Woody and held him very close to my face and calmly said, “Woody, when I send you to bed, I want to find you with your head on your pillow. Do you understand me, Mr.?” Sam was super giggly and got into bed. He picked up Woody and said, “YEAH! Do you hear me Woody?” giggles, “Now, you get to sleep with no pillow.” Then he giggled and closed his eyes, in bed, on his pillow.