Sometimes I mock people. It may be easier to calculate the times I am NOT mocking rather than try to account for the times I AM mocking. I just enjoy making mock. Izzy is very nearly 13 and super good at making mock as well. She can dish it out and take it. Tonight she was mumbling some nonsense and making me giggle and ended with, “Your face is a log.” Now, before I move on, you should know we often just repeat what others have said, but apply that attribute to whomever we are speaking.

Ellie Harrison after the decorative football on the cake fell over: Aw, poor football.
Addison: You’re a poor football.
Me- giggle fitfully

So, in response to Izzy’s funny log remark, I made up a joke. I told her, “Why don’t you make like a bunny and get run over.” Then she and I laughed hysterically. I realize some social worker is going to read this and be utterly torn whether or not to drive immediately to my door. I assure you, I do not want any harm to ever happen to my short children. I do however want them to think I am funny. I am totally winning.