Butterflies Have Taken Up Residency

I don’t love a queasy belly. I shouldn’t have one, but I am still shady on that whole cast your cares bit. I tend to look at an overwhelming situation and escape to some of my most favorite places: Forks, Central Perk, Stars Hollow. This time I am diving into my book and God’s word. I am saying, “suck it satan” when my belly rolls. (Not to be confused with my belly rolls, which I put there… and candy bars.)
I am four chapters in, and I am choosing to focus on God’s promises rather than the list I feel I want to complete. Less tv. More purpose. Less nose in a book. More loving on my kids. Less hearts a flutter for a pasty vampire. More pitter patter for my pasty husband. ::blush:: Don’t judge. We all have weird vices.
Happy first week of school.